2018 Schedule

May 10-13, 2018

These are the events we have planned so far, things may be added or adjusted as needed.

Thursday, May 10

• Registration and Check-In begins at host hotel Crowne Plaza, at 5 pm in the Hospitality Suite

• Optional afternoon run:

Crowne Plaza to Mt. Helix: This route is a short run to the top of Mt. Helix, which affords a beautiful view of southwestern San Diego County. Vistas include mountains to the north and east, downtown San Diego and its bays to the west, and a glimpse of Mexico to the south. The run starts at the hotel, continues east along Friar’s road where you may wish to take note of various stores and eateries, then up a winding road to the top of Mt. Helix. Driving time is about 40 minutes, and return driving time is abut 20 minutes.

• Happy Hour mixer at the “Wolf’s Lair” in the hotel, all are invited. Snacks, drinks, and mingling.

Friday, May 11

• Registration open at 7 am, at the Hospitality Suite.

• Twisty drive to Deer Park Winery and Auto Museum. All paid registrants will receive an admission to the fabulous Museum, full of cars and collectibles. Two routes are available:

Crowne Plaza to Deer Park: This route is a scenic and twisty route to Deer Park Winery. The first leg scoots you up the I-5 freeway to Oceanside, then inland through Fallbrook, and then the outstanding De Luz twisties begin. Enjoy the scenery, dips and curves, but please drive carefully. You will exit the twisties near Temecula, then enter I-15 south for a short drive to Deer Park Winery and the car show. The route sheet also includes directions from Deer Park back to the Crowne Plaza for those not interested in a (different) twisty return. Driving time is just over 2 hours.

Crowne Plaza to Deer Park – Direct: This route is the quickest drive to Deer Park Winery, for those who are not interested in the De Luz twisties. It takes I-15 north from the Crowne Plaza directly to Deer Park Winery. This route sheet also includes directions from Deer Park back to the Crowne Plaza for those not interested in a twisty return through the very exhilarating Couser canyon. Driving time is about 45 minutes (return driving time is about 35 minutes).

• MINI Car Show at the Deer Park Winery from 11am to 1pm, with many classes and trophies for each class. A food truck will be available.

• Open afternoon to visit the Auto Museum or take a twisty run with us back to the host hotel:

Deer Park to Crowne Plaza via Couser: This route is a fun, scenic, and very twisty drive from Deer Park Winery. Couser Canyon offers what are arguably the best twisties that San Diego County has to offer. You will head north out of Deer Park Winery and very quickly reach the twisty and scenic Lilac Road, then reach Couser Canyon Road where the fun intensifies. Please drive very carefully, especially watching for oncoming traffic drifting into your lane (including bicycles and motorcycles). The route eventually takes you back to I-15, where you head back to the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Driving time is just about 1 hour.

• Friday evening is open to explore Old Town San Diego. The hotel will run shuttles, so that you won’t need to find parking, and you can have a few drinks. We’ve scouted some places that we recommend, so wear your name badges and look for other Mini friends!

Saturday, May 12

• Drivers meeting in the morning, at the hotel, with pastries and coffee. Registration will be open at the Drivers meeting.

• A longer back country fun run in two groups driving different routes with a meet-up at the Menghini Winery, where we will pause for lunch.

An optional lunch served by the winery includes a grilled Polish sausage with all the fixings, and a drink – $10 per person. This scrumptious lunch MUST be paid for by May 1st, so that the winery has enough food ordered (no sign ups accepted after May 1st, or onsite). Anyone not wanting the optional lunch can instead drive to nearby Julian, where there are restaurants and cafes (note that there are no fast-food places near Julian, and restaurant/cafe waits can be long). Or, plan ahead, bring your own lunch, and eat with the group.

After lunch, each run group will follow different routes back to the host hotel.

• Optional Rio Grande dinner buffet at Dave & Busters. The Southwest-style buffet consists of: Grilled Fajitas Steak & Chicken, Spicy Beef & Chicken Tacos, Tortilla Chips with Queso & Fire-Roasted Salsa,  Spicy Rice Medley, and Black Beans, with all the fixings — Pico de Gallo, Guacamole, Sour Cream & More! The buffet is $36/person.

During the dinner, we’ll have a lively raffle and present the Car Show trophies. The hotel will run shuttles to and from Dave & Busters for those who choose to not drive.

 Sunday, May 13

• Last run of the weekend:

Crowne Plaza to Bella Vista Caffé: This farewell scenic tour takes you from the Crowne Plaza Hotel through Mission Bay and up to the top of Mt. Soledad where you will be treated to a spectacular 360º panorama of San Diego, the bays and ocean, and mountains to the east. The route will continue to Bella Vista Caffé located in the Torrey Pines area. Bella Vista overlooks the Torrey Pines glider port. If there is sufficient wind, you will be treated to views of hang gliders and parasailers aloft. Bella Vista offers an expansive menu from just coffee to a full brunch.

• Farewells


2 thoughts on “2018 Schedule

  1. What are the times? We can only make Sunday, we’ll be coming from Riverside and want to meet up at the Hotel. Also, want there a maritime museum tour on Sunday?

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